Roll up in style.

GreenStar Glass and Goodies has an enormous selection of wraps used for Tobacco, Hemp and CBD Flower.

What are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps can come as a flat sheet of paper made out of hemp. You can wrap your ground-up marijuana flower buds inside, just like you would with a blunt wrap. Similarly, hemp wraps can come in pre-rolled cone shapes that are ready to be filled with cannabis flower, kief, extracts, or any other herb you prefer. Whatever your preference, we got it.

Tobacco wraps are available as well. From papers to pre rolled cones. We got em!

Wrap Up.

We have a wide selection of the following:

Rolling Papers
Pre Rolled Cones
Rolling Trays
Tobacco Hemp Wraps
And much much more!
Don’t get stuck rolling the same ol’ same ol’ dried out blunts….
Get down to GreenStar where you can roll in style and impress all your friends.

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