Guide to Using CBD

CBD can come in many different forms including: Concentrates, Tinctures, Capsules, Soft Gels, Salves, Balms and more!

They all deliver the same product, but they each work a little differently, so the recommended method changes based on the age or condition of the recipient. We have your Guide to Using CBD.


CBD can come in many different forms, candy/consumables are one of them! Check out what products we carry in store or give us a call!

Guide to Using CBD - Consumables

Oil Form

One of the many ways CBD can be taken is orally by Concentrates or Tinctures. These methods are great for anyone who can’t take pills.

CBD oil is the most common concentrate and is commonly dropped under the tongue for quick results. CBD oil can also be mixed with food or drink, however this method takes longer for the oil to work.

Tinctures are similar to oil, but are usually flavored and less potent. Tinctures, like regular CBD oil can also be taken under the tongue or in food.

Pill form

Another way CBD can be taken is orally by pill like Capsules and Soft Gels. Pills can be taken by anyone who wants to, and are recommended for those who want to extend the effects of CBD for as long as possible.

Pills are considered the cleanest, easiest, and most accurate way of taking CBD. The pills can be easily transported to work or school. They can be taken anytime, even on an empty stomach; although it is recommended to take the pills the same time every day to get your body into a routine. Each pill contains exactly the same amount of CBD. No remembering how many drops you have to take, or squeezing the dropper a little too hard. With pills, there’s little to no risk of taking too much.

Much like prescription medication, CBD pills can contain varying dosages of CBD from 10-250mg per pill. So it is important to consult a physician before going out and buying CBD.


Another way that CBD can be taken is topically through lotions and creams (water based), or salves and balms (oil/wax based). It’s important to note that the CBD will likely not reach your bloodstream with this method, so this should be used for local ailments only.

Topicals are usually used to treat symptoms like muscle, joint, and nerve pain, because it can be absorbed directly into the affected area. They may also be helpful treating conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Balms tend to be thicker and harder to absorb into the skin, making them perfect for sore muscles. Salves on the other hand, absorb deeper into the skin, and are better for deeper ailments.