Stress and Anxiety. What can CBD do for you?

CBD for Stress? How can this help? Not everyone may experience depression or anxiety, but nearly everyone experiences stress from time to time. A hectic workload, preparing to move, and big deadlines among other things all can cause us to be stressed. Maybe not to the extent that we’d feel right seeking medical help for it, but likely more than a warm bath and some candles could handle. So what can you do?

You already know CBD can help with symptoms related to anxiety, and it works the same way for stress! But there’s more. According to a research study, CBD may increase a person’s motivation through activation of the 5-HT receptor. Feeling motivated to do what you need to, can also reduce the potential for future stress due to increasingly shorter deadlines.

If you’re stressed for too long, it can turn into chronic stress, which can actually damage your brain by causing different regions to either become hyperactive, or atrophy and shrink. But fear not, the brain can repair itself, and CBD can actually help! Numerous studies have found that CBD can help to promote neural regeneration, and not only that, but it can also promote the growth of brand new neurons.

One thing that causes stress in nearly everyone is public speaking. So one study done in 2011 looked at stress levels related to public speaking after using CBD. And it found that CBD actually helped to reduce anxiety and cognitive impairment.

CBD still needs to be studied more thoroughly, but preliminary tests look very promising for CBD’s ability to treat symptoms for a multitude of conditions.

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